CodeLens in Visual Studio Online is now in Public Preview

Mathew Aniyan MSFT

Update: Added a Troubleshooting section.


CodeLens is a heads-up display in your Visual Studio Editor where you can find information about your code in-context.



We had enabled CodeLens in Visual Studio Online for select customers as a Limited CTP in Nov 2014. We have evaluated the performance & scale characteristics and now feel that it is stable. We are announcing CodeLens in Visual Studio Online as Public Preview for all customers in the North Central & South Central US regions.



1. You should have Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Update 4 or Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

2. Your code should be checked into Team Foundation Version Control in Visual Studio Online [North Central & South Central US regions].

If you meet these pre-requisites, you will now be able to see Authors, Changes, Work-items, Bugs, Code Reviews and Incoming Changes indicators for your code checked into Visual Studio Online.

BTW, if your code is checked into a Git Repo in Visual Studio Online, you would already be seeing these CodeLens Indicators with Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Update 3.



Here are some resources to get you started with CodeLens.

1. [MSDN article introducing all CodeLens features]

2. [Short Channel 9 video showcasing CodeLens]



  • We are now working on making this available in the Europe Visual Studio Online Region.



In a small subset of cases, when Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 client connects to Visual Studio Online and requests CodeLens data, an incorrect request is sent. This results in an invalid response being sent back by CodeLens Service in Visual Studio Online and the end-user will not be able to see CodeLens Indicators.

You can work-around this issue by following the steps below.

  1. Close all Visual Studio Instances.
  2. Remove the cache from %localappdata%MicrosoftVisualStudio Services5.0 
  3. Reopen Visual Studio, open the solution from Visual Studio Online.



Please try out these features and send your feedback to

You can also send us your feedback using Visual Studio’s Send a Smile feature also.


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