Introducing the new Azure SDK for C++ Beta

Billy O'Neal

The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce their first beta release of the new Azure SDK for C++. Unlike the previous Azure Storage specific SDK, the new Azure SDK for C++ is idiomatic to the C++ language and ensures consistency in behavior and API surface when communicating with multiple Azure services. This initial beta supports Azure Blob Storage, File Shares, and Data Lake; support for Azure KeyVault Keys is coming soon.

The Azure SDK for C++:

  • is consumed in source form rather than binary form, consistent with most other C++ libraries.
  • is easily consumable by environments using CMake.
  • targets any C++ 14 compiler, and is tested under x86, x64, ARM32, and ARM64 CPU architectures using gcc, clang, XCode, & Visual C++ compilers.
  • officially supports Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms, but uses standard CMake adaptable to other platforms.
  • embraces exception handling to report errors.
  • uses a relatively limited base vocabulary making it easy to understand and debug.
  • uses synchronous network access built on top of libcurl, no longer requiring asynchronous programming experience to use Azure services.

Please read the “Introducing the new Azure SDK for C++” blog post for more information.

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