Typelib and ActiveX now supported in MFC Wizards 

Anju Del Moral Gonzalez

We are happy to announce that the Typelib and ActiveX Wizards are now available in Visual Studio 2019.  

We’ve been working on rewriting all the wizards in Visual Studio to make them more accessible. These two wizards were not initially part of our rewriting plans and they were marked as deprecated in Visual Studio 2017 and missing in Visual Studio 2019. During this time, we listened to your feedback in an ongoing survey linked from the deprecation message.

We want to thank everyone that took the time to share with us the types of projects they’re working on and what role these wizards have in their workflow. We are happy to report that based on this feedback, Visual Studio 2019 comes with new versions for these two wizards.  

What’s Available? 

  • MFC ActiveX WizardCreates an ActiveX control, it is a specific type of automation server; it is a reusable component. The application hosting the ActiveX control is the automation client of that control. 

Create Class from ActiveX Control

  • MFC Typelib WizardUse this wizard to create an MFC class from an interface in an available type library. You can add an MFC class to an MFC application, an MFC DLL, or an MFC ActiveX control. 

Adding a class from Typelib

  • Returning features from the add control variable wizard. The add control variable wizard was already there, but it was not generating the ActiveX functions from a selected control. Now the functions are being generated. 

Try it now

Please try the ActiveX and Typelib Wizards in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.8. We’re committed to providing you the best experience and will be actively addressing feedback so we can fix bugs, or add new features. We’d love to hear from you to help us prioritize and build the right features for you. We can be reached via the comments below and Developer Community. 


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  • Divya Rathore 0

    I left MFC due to increased attention towards .NET. Do you have a public ‘Lifecycle Support’ Document for MFC?

    • Anju Del Moral GonzalezMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Divya, I mainly work on MFC Wizards rather than MFC itself. However I know we have a lot of information about MFC here. Also I’m going to see if I can found a Lifecycle Support Document to share with you.

  • Mystery Man 0

    Hi. I’m afraid the video in this post doesn’t play. It’s a static GIF image. Looks like someone wanted to post an animated GIF and something has gone wrong.

    IMHO, actual video formats inside <video> tags are better for educational purposes, because they have video controls, are smaller, and can be in full color.

    • Anju Del Moral GonzalezMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Fleet, thanks for reporting this, I’m going to investigate why this is happening.

  • The Sharp Ninja 0

    Will there be an MFC to Web Assembly Wizard soon? I want to know my time investments in MFC will be transferable to the interwebs.


    • Anju Del Moral GonzalezMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Sharp NIinja,

      We don’t have any plans for doing this right now, but we usually change our objectives if strong business justifications are given

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  • Krizmo Berm 0

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