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Hello C++ World!

Our C++ Quick Fixes extension has gotten some pretty good initial feedback since we released it a few months ago. I wanted take some time to make sure that you are

1. aware of its benefits 2. giving us feedback on current features, and 3. giving us feedback on what other “Quick Fixes” you’d like to see!

The theme of the Quick Fixes extension is to provide additional features that help you address errors/squiggles in your code.

Using the Extension

To access the feature, hover over a red squiggle and look for a lightbulb, or use the default keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Dot (Ctrl+.). Note that for the keyboard shortcut, your caret doesn’t need to be positioned on the specific error/token; you can simply be on the same line as the error to invoke suggestions for anything (and everything) on that line.

You can find the full list of features on the extension page, and download a sample file to try all out current Quick Fixes.

Here’s a highlight of some key features:

  • Add missing #include – This is arguably the most useful feature currently in the extension. It suggests relevant #include’s for unknown symbols in your code, and can do so as long as that symbol matches something found in your project’s #include graph.
  • Add using namespace/Fully qualify symbol – This also applies to unknown symbols in your code, and can be used in conjunction with the previous feature when adding in library headers.
  •  MSDN Help – Ever get one of those error messages you didn’t quite understand and/or wanted more information? We’re saving you the time of manually switching to your browser, going to MSDN, and typing/copy-pasting the error text. =) MSDNHelp2

Give Us Feedback!

Please kick the tires by installing the extension and – we cannot emphasize this enough – make sure to leave us your feedback!

For feedback on current features, you can:

  • leave a comment below
  • log a bug through Connect
  • start a thread on the Q AND A tab on the extension page
  • rate the extension and write a review on the extension page 
  • report a problem from inside Visual Studio

For suggestions on future features, you can:

  • (highly preferred) create and/or upvote features on UserVoice with the title “C++ Quick Fixes: <insert your suggestion>”
  • leave a comment below
  • provide a suggestion from inside Visual Studio (see the above graphic)

Best regards, Gabriel Ha


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