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Pronounced Steh-fin Lah-wah-wade, or just STL.

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C++11/14/17 Features In VS 2015 Preview

C++11/14 Features In Visual Studio 14 CTP3

C++11/14 Feature Tables For Visual Studio 14 CTP1

C++14 STL Features, Fixes, And Breaking Changes In Visual Studio 14 CTP1

I'm Microsoft's STL maintainer, and once again we've got about a year's worth of work to tell you about.  ("We" means P.J. Plauger of Dinkumware for most features, myself for most fixes and Library Issue resolutions, plus fixes contributed by our libraries dev lead Artur Laksberg and our CRT maintainer James McNellis.)  If you missed...

C++11/14 Core Language Features in VS 2013 and the Nov 2013 CTP

C++11/14 STL Features, Fixes, And Breaking Changes In VS 2013

I'm Stephan T. Lavavej, and for the last six and a half years I've been working with Dinkumware to maintain the C++ Standard Library implementation in Visual C++.  It's been a while since my last VCBlog post, because getting our latest batch of changes ready to ship has kept me very busy, but now I have time to write up what we've done...

do-while, casts, ODR, variadic templates – Core C++, Part 8

Part 8 of my third video lecture series (covering the C++ Core Language) is now available.  In this part, I covered several topics: why I avoid do-while loops, how C and C++ casts behave and why they're dangerous, what the One Definition Rule is and how to follow it, and how my toy program to sort arrays with variadic templates works.For ...