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C++20 STL Features: 1 Year of Development on GitHub

My CppCon 2020 talk, “C++20 STL Features: 1 Year of Development on GitHub”, is now available on YouTube. The slides are available on GitHub as PDF and original PPTX. The talk contains complete examples (not snippets!) of several C++20 features: integer comparison functions, constexpr algorithms, uniform container erasure, atomic_ref, ...

C++20 Features and Fixes in VS 2019 16.1 through 16.6

What's New We've been busy implementing C++20 features in MSVC's compiler and Standard Library, and migrating the latter to microsoft/STL on GitHub - in fact, we've been so busy that we haven't posted a C++ toolset changelog since the VS 2019 16.0 toolset changelog. So, here are the compiler features and STL features/fixes that have shipped ...

Open Sourcing MSVC’s STL

Today at CppCon 2019, we (the MSVC team) announced that we're releasing our implementation of the C++ Standard Library (also known as the STL) as open source. is our new repository, containing all of our product source code, a new CMake build system, and a README with more information. As it explains, we're ...

C++17/20 Features and Fixes in Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 version 16.0 is now available and is binary compatible with VS 2015/2017. In this first release of VS 2019, we've implemented more compiler and library features from the C++20 Working Paper, implemented more <charconv> overloads (C++17's "final boss"), and fixed many correctness, performance, and throughput issues. ...

How to Use Class Template Argument Deduction

Class Template Argument Deduction (CTAD) is a C++17 Core Language feature that reduces code verbosity. C++17's Standard Library also supports CTAD, so after upgrading your toolset, you can take advantage of this new feature when using STL types like std::pair and std::vector. Class templates in other libraries and your own code will partially ...

C++17 Progress in VS 2017 15.5 and 15.6

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C++17 Feature Removals And Deprecations

Technology advances by inventing new ways of doing things and by discarding old ways. The C++ Standardization Committee is simultaneously adding new features and removing old features at a gradual pace, because we've discovered thoroughly better ways of writing code. While feature removals can be annoying, in the sense that programmers need to...
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C++17 Features And STL Fixes In VS 2017 15.3

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C++17 Features In Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.3 Preview

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STL Fixes In VS 2017 RTM

VS 2017 RTM will be released soon. VS 2017 RC is available now and contains all of the changes described here - please try it out and send feedback through the IDE's Help > Send Feedback > Report A Problem (or Provide A Suggestion). This is the third and final post for what's changed in the STL between VS 2015 Update 3 and VS 2017 RTM...
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