Hybrid Cluster Configuration with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra Client Configurator

Iria Osara

We are excited to announce our new tool, the Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra Client Configurator!

We designed this tool to simplify the configuration process for hybrid clusters, enabling a smooth migration to Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra. Whether you operate in a self-hosted environment or from on-premises data centers, our Client Configurator tool delivers a comprehensive solution to seamlessly integrate more data centers into your cluster. Focused on efficiency and smooth migration, this tool stands ready to transform how you manage your Cassandra clusters.


Hassle-free Installation and Configuration

We built the Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra Client Configurator for easy installation and configuration, ensuring you experience a smooth transition to Azure.

Here’s how you can get started in a few simple steps:

  1. Network Connectivity: Check that your Azure Managed Instance and on-premises Cassandra cluster are on the same virtual network. If they’re not, establish network peering or implement alternative connectivity solutions.
  2. Download and Access: Download the Client Configurator from our GitHub repository and navigate into the client configurator folder.
  3. Execute the Script: Run the provided Python script and input the necessary information from your existing on-premises cluster. Our tool will seamlessly handle the rest of the configuration process.
  4. Certificate Integration: Unpack the generated certificates into the /etc/Cassandra/ directory on each node.
  5. Restart and Integrate: Follow our simple instructions to restart Cassandra on all nodes and watch as our tool smoothly integrates your data centers into the Azure Managed Instance cluster.
Get Started!

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