Bigger and more secure: new features for Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

Gahl Levy

During Microsoft Ignite 2022, we announced new, generally available (GA) features in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB that enhance security, auditability, and document size flexibility.

  • 🔒 Role based access control (RBAC) allows you to authorize your data requests with a fine-grained, collection-level role-based permission model to improve access control, security, and auditability of your database account data.
  • 📄 16MB documents raises the current document size limit from 2MB to 16MB to provide developers with additional flexibility in certain new application development and migration cases.

How to get started?

RBAC and 16MB documents can be enabled on new and existing Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB accounts. Keep in mind that when RBAC and/or 16MB documents are enabled, the feature cannot be disabled.

Option 1. Azure Portal

RBAC and 16MB documents can be enabled in the Azure Portal. Navigate to the features tab, click on RBAC and/or 16MB documents, and click enable.

MongoDB RBAC feature now available in Azure Cosmos DB.

Option 2. Programmatically

RBAC and 16MB documents can be enabled using account capabilities. The ‘EnableMongoRoleBasedAccessControl’ capability for RBAC and ‘EnableMongo16MBDocumentSupport’ capability for 16MB documents can be added to your account using native Azure tools to enable these features.

Learn more

You’re invited to join me at the Expert Meet-up: Scale with Azure Cosmos DB session at Ignite, Oct. 12, 3:00PM PT/6:00PM ET, to learn more about our new features. I’ll also be discussing these features on Azure Cosmos DB Live TV this Friday, October 14th at 10am PT/1pm ET.

To find out more about supported features, native Azure integrations, and code samples check out our official documentation.

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