ifconfig and network connection enumeration support in Windows 10 Insider build 14965

Rich Turner

Enable network connection enumeration is currently the most-requested idea in our command-line User Voice. Or at least it was, until Windows 10 Insider build #14965 was released, which support for network connection enumeration:

  • via the command-line using the ifconfig command
  • via the /proc/net/dev virtual device
  • via the Netlink socket’s NETLINK_ROUTE protocol’s RTM_GETLINK and RTM_GETADDR API

Below is a screenshot of Bash on Windows running ifconfig:


This new feature should unblock tools/languages/features including

Note: At this time of writing, there are a couple of related issues that you may trip over: BSOD starting Vivaldi Browser #1344 Node: invalid argument, uv_interface_addresses #1343 The team are working on fixes for these issues which will bubble up to insiders ASAP.

In the meantime, please do try out this feature and let us know if you find issues!


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