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Buck Hodges

There have been questions about pricing in the newsgroups.  Here is what Raju Malhotra had to say about it.  As I understand it, many of the pricing details have yet to be worked out and are far from being set in stone.

We will share the specific pricing details with you as soon as they are finalized but here is what we know. Hope this helps.

MSDN Universal customers will have an option to get any one of the VS Team Architect, VS Team Developer or VS Team Test products as part of their subscription without paying anything extra as long as their subscription is current at the release time. Of course, all other benefits of their subscription like monthly shipments, access to subscriber download site, MS servers for dev/test purposes, etc. will continue as usual. They will also be able to migrate to the full suite (including all three of the above prducts) at an additional price to be announced later. In general, the pricing for VS Team System products will be competitive with the lifecycle tools market.

We will also have upgrade paths available in retail. We are currently working on the upgrade eligibility and specific pricing for that.

Please stay tuned for more details.

Raju Malhotra
Product Manager,
Visual Studio Team System


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