Use the wizard to upgrade team projects in TFS 2012

Buck Hodges

As you’ve seen from Brian’s post and a bunch of others, Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 RC are now available.  One of the consistent pain points in upgrading from one version of TFS to the next has been in upgrading the process for a team project.  With TFS 2012, we’ve taken our first steps toward making it dramatically better.  We now provide a wizard that is able to upgrade a team project’s process quickly and easily if you have made no customizations or only a limited set of customizations.  There are a number of resources available to help you through the process, and I wanted to provide a collection of links in one place.

First, Tim Elhajj, who creates documentation on administering TFS, has posted a very easy to read article on how to use this new configuration upgrade wizard, and the end of that page has links to MSDN for resolving errors and dealing with the differences in the Agile process template as well as adding new shared queries that will be automatically created for new team projects.  If you are new to upgrading TFS, you can start at the beginning to walk through the upgrade process.

Ewald Hofman, a program manager for work item tracking, has posted code for a tool to allow you to automate upgrading many team projects.  For those of you with lots of team projects, that’s really useful.  If you want to know more details on how the project upgrade process works, you’ll want to read his deep dive on it.  It’s called configuring features, but it is team project process upgrade.

What we’ve provided in 2012 is not going to solve the problem of upgrading significantly customized or custom-built processes, but it should go a long ways toward helping so many folks who don’t make significant changes to the process template.

Though not directly related to upgrading your team projects, you can get an overview of what all has changed VS and TFS 2012 on the What’s New in Visual Studio 2012 RC page.

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