Team Explorer 2012 keyboard shortcuts

Buck Hodges

Team Explorer 2012 has the following keyboard shortcuts for the built-in pages.  We are adding some shortcuts within the pages for RTM.

UPDATE 08/20/12:  The last seven shortcuts were added for RTM.

Shortcut Team Explorer Page
Ctrl+’ Search
Ctrl+0,H Home
Ctrl+0,P Pending Changes
Ctrl+0,M My Work
Ctrl+0,W Work Items
Ctrl+0,B Build
Ctrl+0,R Reports
Ctrl+0,D Documents
Ctrl+0,S Settings
Ctrl+0,A Web Access – team home page
F5 Refresh
Ctrl+Up Arrow Move focus to the previous visible section header
Ctrl+Down Arrow Move focus to the next visible section header
Alt+Left Navigate backward
Alt+Right Navigate forward
Alt+Home Focus the navigation control
Alt+0 Focus the page top level content
Alt+[1-9] Focus the visible section [1-9] level content
Alt+Up Focus the previous visible section content
Alt+Down Focus the next visible section content

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