The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Buck Hodges

Yesterday, Brian took ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after being challenged by both Scott Guthrie and Adam Cogan. Brian then challenged me, James Phillips, and David Treadwell. I didn’t want to turn down a challenge from Brian. I happen to be in Redmond this week, so I thought why not do it with my team here.

I mentioned it to Jessica, who is my great admin, and she then got a bunch of the DevDiv admins in on it (the level of excitement among the admins was through the roof). My whole day was booked, so I had no idea when I would do this. Then my 2 PM meeting got canceled. It was on!

Then the admin team sent email to my team to solicit a volunteer to dump the ice bucket on me. That honor went to Sam Nuziale, dev lead working on our integration into the new Azure portal.

We did it out behind building 18 with a bunch of my team there to take pictures and video. They had the ice and water sitting out for about 15 minutes ahead of time, so it was plenty cold.

Of course, I named three more people. I’ve challenged Martin Hinshelwood (update: Martin’s video), Munil Shah, and John Cunningham. Let’s see if they’ll take the challenge in the next 24 hours. Good luck!

Here’s the video:

And pictures…

buck_als_ice_bucket1 buck_als_ice_bucket2  


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