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Sébastien Monteil, C# MVP, sent me email about a tool on CodePlex called Fissum, which is a tray app that shows your work items.  That reminded me that back in September I wrote a post listing the tools for Team Foundation Server on CodePlex.  So I thought this would be a good time to post a new list.  It’s great to see that the list has gotten quite a bit longer!  It’s in popularity order, according to the search that I did on CodePlex.

Expand Microsoft Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance

 – Microsoft Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance

Expand Team Foundation Server Administration Tool

 – Member of the Power Toys for Visual Studio Collection – TFS Admin Tool allows a Team Foundation Server administrator to quickly add and modify user permissions to all three platforms utilized by TFS through one common interface.

Expand Automaton

 – Automaton is a Continuous Integration engine optimized for Team System and Team Builds. Included is the TeamFoundationExtensions class library which includes helpers and tasks for TFS and MSBuild.

Expand TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser

 – This project aspires to create a Version Tree Browser for Team Foundation Server allowing for the visual presentation of branches, merges and version information. The exact format and requirements will be determined as part of this project based on published best practices, similarly mature related product features and TFS version control specific feature sets.

Expand TFS Plug-in for CruiseControl.NET

 – A plug-in to allow communication with Team Foundation Server for the popular open source build automation tool CruiseControl.NET

Expand Team Foundation Server Event Subscription Tool

 – A GUI tool for subscribing to events on a Team Foundation Server, equivalent to the command line bissubscribe.exe tool. It is deployable to client workstations, whereas bissubscribe.exe only exists on the Team Foundation Server. Project is originally based on the code at Naren’s website ( )

Expand TfsAlert

 – TfsAlert is a Windows System Tray application which monitors for subscribed TFS notifications and will display a balloon window accordingly. In addition to notifications a user will have the ability to control limited TeamBuild functionality.

Expand TFS Work Item Explorer

 – The Visual Studio Team Explorer work item datasheet view is quite limited in functionality. The TFS Work Item Explorer tool allows developers to define their own custom drilldown tree of WIQL queries in an XML file (“template”), leveraging global values (e.g. server name, project name, etc.), field values (of parent queries of any generation) and custom field configuration (e.g. display the ‘Assigned To’ field as ‘Developer’ and make read-only). Each TFS project can be associated with its own template via the application configuration file.
Out of the “box”, TFS Work Item Explorer includes a Scrum for Team System template, which mimics the behavior of the now deprecated Scrum Explorer tool. Currently, read-only access to work item is supported but full write support is planned in an upcoming release.

Expand TFS Code Review Workflow

 – TFS Code Review Workflow
This project is a combination of a Code Review Work Item and a Code Review Check-in Policy. The check-in policy doesn’t allow a check-in unless it has an associated Code Review work item, and that work item is set to approved. Only people in a TFS group named [Project]\Code Reviewers can set an item to approved.
1. Dev finishes code and wants it reviewed so they shelve the changeset and create a Code Review work item and mention the name of the shelf set. This is assigned to a general Code Review team.
2. People on the code review team have event subscriptions which sends them an e-mail when a workitem is assigned to the Code Review group. One of them will open the work item, review the shelf set and resolve the item as ‘Accepted’ or ‘Needs changes’ which assigns it back to the original dev.
3. Once in an approved state the dev can check-in and associate to the work item which will close it.

Expand Custom Controls for TFS Work Item Tracking

 – SP1 for Visual Studio Team System comes with interesting custom control feature. Now we can develop and deploy our own custom controls to provide rich functionality in work item form. See here for how to develop a custom control: .

Expand Turtle

 – Turtle is a free, open source client for Microsoft Team Foundation Server source control services. It is an alternative to the VSTS plugin for Visual Studio, or for those who may be using using TFS for projects not compatible with Visual Studio.

Expand Team Foundation Time Tracker

 – Team Foundation Time Tracker is small utility for tracking work time on any type of work item in Team Foundation Server

Expand TFS Code Comment Checking Policy (CCCP)

 – This Team Foundation Server (TFS) checkin policy ensures that the source code contains code comments (/// for C#, ”’ for VB.NET) for classes, methods, properties, fields and events before checking it into Team Foundation version control (TFVC).

Expand TFS PowerPack

 – The TFS PowerPack is a set of tools for clients using the TFS server.
The tools were made to satisfy needs and add more features not provided by the original installation of TFS.

Expand TFSBuildManager

 – TFSBuildManager is a utility to manage Team Foundation build types in an environment other than Visual Studio.

Expand VSSConverter GUI

 – GUI front end to the VssConverter command line utility that ships with Team foundation server

Expand RDdotNET

 – RDdotNet is an entity for Research and Development of .NET frameworks, sites and applications that do something interesting. Sometimes these componenets will be fully fleged real-world solutions and others that will be pure R&D of the capabilities of the .NET Framework.
RDdotNet Community Foundation
This component is a framework for building a service orientated community site. It will consist of a number of services including teh WhiteLabel service allong with some other nifty services
RDdotNet TFS WorkItem Tracker
This component will allow develoeprs to trach how much time they have spent on a particular project’s work items.

Expand Fissum – A TFS tray icon client

 – Fissum in a TFS tray icon client. Fissum provides a fast access to your work items directly from a tray icon menu.

Expand Scrum Explorer

 – Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, developed by Conchango, in collaboration with Ken Schwaber and the Microsoft Technology Centre UK. When using the Scrum for Team System Visual Studio.NET add-in, I disliked the flat datasheet-style work item view so much that I decided to write my own custom view called Scum Explorer. Scrum Explorer provides a sprint-centric drilldown treeview of the TFS scrum work items.

Expand TFS Quick Search

 – A visual studio 2005 add in that allows the user to search multiple fields of TFS work items for a project. A common usage of this would be to allow the user to quickly search title, description and history of comments of all work items in a project (but more fields should be easy to add).

Expand TFS Follow Branch History Add-in for VS

 – This Project come to fill the missing feature of viewing full History of an item following its branches.

Expand TFS File Sync

 – Web Service for receiving notification of TFS check-ins and copying specified files to locations like UNC paths or SharePoint servers.

Expand Team Explorer Extensions

 – The purpose of this project is to extend the experience and capabilities currently available on Team Explorer and TFS.

Expand BHAL Project

 – This project aims at being a customizable orchestrator for managing Teams with the aid of Team Foundation Server. Please help add some value to the project by commenting on the vision statemen…

Expand Team Foundation Server Manager

Expand TFS AddIn – CheckOut and Get Last Version

 – This is an AddIn for Visual Studio 2005 to users that use Team Foundation Server.

Expand Team Foundation Command Line GUI Suite

 – This project will attempt to facilitate all of the command line management services available with Team Foundation Server by presenting users with the option to pass necessary arguments to the command line via an integrated Graphical User Interface. The project kickoff includes a modest TFS Project Deletion utility. There is a lot of ground to cover in this arena, so all contributions are both welcome and appreciated.

Expand TeamPatter

 – TeamPatter is a TFS integrated messaging tool that allows for communication with any user accessable via Windows Live Messenger or classic MSN messenger. The integration with TFS comes in the form that from within workitem screens or via commands used directly in the messenger window, IM conversations on work items and potentially additional artifacts can be stored with the work items and visible from the work item editors or any other display mechanism that might be desired.

Expand VSTS Time Entry

 – An application you can use to keep track of time spent on a Team Foundation Server Project. The app writes updates the Task Work items Remaining Work and Completed Work fields.

Expand TeFoSe.Net

 – This project will be a Team Foundation Server Client GUI with extended functionality.
The GUI will look like the familiar Source Safe GUI offering developer specific features for queries against TFS.

Expand TFSBuildLab

 – The TFSBuildLab is a project to simplify the day to day operations when using automated builds and Team System. The project will address issues such as

– Continous integration
– Scheduled builds
– Automated build cleanup
and more…

Expand TFS Proxy add-in for visual studio .net 2005

 – This little plugin will allow you to switch tfs proxy servers or disable the tfs proxy. It’s also possible by installing a webservice to enable the add-in to be automatically configured.

Expand TFS Management Console

 – TFS administration tool, based on Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0

Expand Migrating from Subversion

 – The Subversion converter tool transfers files, folders, version history, branches, and user information from a SVN database to Team Foundation source control.

Expand Team Foundation Server – Project Moving tool

 – A tool for moving Team Project items between servers.

Expand Jira2Tfs

 – A utility application to import JIRA issues to a Team Foundation Server project.

Expand Delete TeamBuilds

 – Deletes TeamBuilds from the TFS buildstore and buildserver from a build script (or a service)

Expand Team Foundation Work Item Paste Attachment from Clipboard

 – This project implements a Visual Studio add-in so you can “paste” items directly as Team Foundation work item attachments from your clipboard. The most common use case are screen shots, bu…

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