TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit pre-release published on CodePlex

Buck Hodges

Matt Mitrik, the program manager for the TFS migration tools, has announced the availability of the first pre-release version of the Team Foundation Server migration and synchronization toolkit.  If you are looking into how to migrate away from a different bug tracking or version control system, this is where you’ll want to start.  Be sure to let Matt and company know what you need in order to be successful!

Migration and Synchronization Toolkit Prerelease Published on CodePlex

A prerelease of the Migration and Synchronization Toolkit has been released on CodePlex! If you are interested in seeing the progress that we have made to date, and are eager to try out the sample tools, please visit the project site on CodePlex at


Brian Harry has also written a bit more about the future plans for the toolkit.

Migration and Synchronization Toolkit Prerelease

We plan to build or to work with 3rd parties to build integration between TFS and a variety of other systems.  In the toolkit, you’ll find initial samples for synchronizing TFS with Sharepoint (both documents and work items/lists).  Ideas we are pursuing include:

  • Sharepoint synchronization – Allows you to leverage TFS’s branching, merging, unified backup, etc while exposing all of your data through Sharepoint in a clean way.
  • TFS <-> TFS migration/synchronization – Enables a variety of scenarios, including a poor man’s project move, multi-master replication for distributed teams who want local copies of all of the data and more…
  • Project Server synchronization – Making it easier to keep TFS and project plans in sync.
  • ClearCase migration/synchronization – Enabling the two systems to coexist nicely when needed.
  • And more…



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