TeamCity support for Team Foundation Server

Buck Hodges

As part of their “Early Access Program,” the folks at JetBrains have posted a build of TeamCity that contains support for TFS version control.  They are looking for feedback, so give it a try and let ’em know what you think.

TeamCity EAP (Latest)

Current build: 3654 released Jan 30, 2007 | Download | Changes

This version of TeamCity will contain many additional features comparing with TeamCity 1.2 as well as improvements of existing functionality.
To name a few:

  • View file changes on the Web
  • Enhanced notification policies with more customization
  • Eclipse integration
  • ClearCase VCS support
  • Checkout on build agent
  • MS Team Foundation Server VCS support
  • Visual Studio add-on – remote run & delayed commit for MS TFS
  • Agent details information page with possibility to enable/disable agents by administrator
  • Dependent builds triggering
  • Dependent builds artifacts exchange
  • Better and uniform UI to configure Inspections runner and IPR runner on the web
  • Search for code duplicates on the server-side and view results in IDEA
  • Improved IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • View code duplicates on the Web
  • Possibility to clone project
  • Customizable build log filtering
  • Improved Maven 2 support
  • Ant 1.7 support
  • JUnit 4 support

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