Team Foundation Service 2013 RC is go-live–use it in production

Buck Hodges

Have you upgraded to TFS 2013 RC yet? It’s a supported, “go-live” release that you can use in production. We are using it ourselves in production our biggest internal server (I’ve written about that server before).

Download TFS 2013 RC and upgrade.

You can check out what’s new here (hint: the background image at the top of that page shows off the new work item charting feature).

One thing I want to point out is that Internet Explorer 8 is not supported for TFS 2013. You can use IE 8 (we don’t block it), but you may encounter problems, and the issues will get worse moving forward (i.e., updates to TFS 2013) since we aren’t testing it. Brian announced it back in February here.

Here are a few reasons you should upgrade.

Git support – full git support on the server where you can use our git experience built into VS 2013, the add-in for VS 2012, Eclipse, Xcode, Git for Windows, and any other git client you want.

Coding commenting in the web UI

Agile portfolio management

Work item charting

Team rooms


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