Team Foundation Power Tools version 1.2 (aka TFS Power Toys)

Buck Hodges

We are happy to announce the release of  version 1.2 of Team Foundation Power Tools (formerly known as Power Toys).  This version includes some bug fixes to previous power tools, support for Vista, and adds the following new functionality:

  • Build Test Tools Task – A tool that allows running unit tests by simply specifying the DLLs or even specifying a file name pattern in TfsBuild.proj, instead of using .vsmdi files to specify tests to run.  I previously posted this on my blog back in November, and there’s no functional difference in this power tools release.
  • Workspace Command (tfpt.exe) – This command supports “moving” a workspace from one computer to another.  The standard tf.exe workspaces /updateComputerName moves all of the workspaces on computer A to computer B.  In both cases, the files are not physically moved.  The only thing that changes is the computer name associated with the workspace.
  • Treeclean Command (tfpt.exe) – Use the treeclean command to see and optionally delete files in the current directory and all subdirectories that are not under version control, such as files produced by the build process.
  • Process Template Editor – A tool to provide UI for authoring work item types and some of the associated Process Template components.
  • Check-in Policy Pack – A set of handy check-in policies, including a checkin policy that wraps other checkin policies to allow them to be scoped by paths (this was previously released on Code Gallery), checkin comment requirement policy, and more.

Please note that the Process Template Editor has some additional pre-requisites, they are identified on the download page.  The Power Tools MSDN Forum is available for discussing issues and requesting enhancements.

NOTE: If you go to the download page tonight, you may still see the old one.  There are still some MSDN servers that haven’t gotten the update apparently.

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