Team Build API: GetBuildUri() and GetBuildDetails()

Buck Hodges

Aaron Hallberg plans to periodically post descriptions and examples of some of the more relevant Team Build web service methods.  There’s no good source for this information currently.  Even the Team Build API documentation recently published on MSDN won’t help you much, as I described here.  If you have particular methods you’d like to know about sooner rather than later, be sure to leave a comment on his blog.

His first post is about the GetBuildUri() and GetBuildDetails() methods on BuildStore.

Team Build API: GetBuildUri and GetBuildDetails

As Buck Hodges recently noted, some Team Build API documentation recently made it up onto MSDN.  Unfortunately, most (maybe all?  I haven’t been through it all) of the topics are skeletons, with no real content.  I’ll be trying to remedy this by posting fleshed out documentation, sometimes even with examples… 


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