Perf counters in TFS 11

Buck Hodges

Jim Szubryt has written a post listing the perf counters available in all versions of TFS and calls out the new ones in TFS 11.  Check it out if you are looking at the performance of your server.

New Perfmon Counters With TFS 11 Beta

Whether you are a small company running TFS or a large Enterprise there may come a time for you too where performance of your TFS system may come into question and you will need to determine what to look at when “TFS seems to be running slow”. You should proactively be establishing a baseline of performance for your environment and Perfmon counters can help. Having this baseline will be extremely important in understanding the differences between what has changed from when the application was running properly and the state when it is not. I can attest to this from experiences I have had with when load testing a financial system a few years ago before it went live. We started capturing Perfmon counters prior to processing transactions and then ramped up the users/transactions created. We were able to identify and address memory and SAN issues before the system went live. Much better than doing this in a production environment and affecting real users.

With the upcoming release of TFS there will be additional counters to assist in identifying what may be affecting TFS. My intention with this post is to raise your awareness of what options you have and not to guide you through determining which value is indicating a performance issue. That task is left to you to measure against what they were when the system was running smoothly and what they are when it is not. If you need some help in setting up counter collection you can take a look at Grant Holliday’s post on Querying Perfmon data from SQL. He has another good post on Large TFS Performance characteristics. They are a couple years old however, they are still very relevant.


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