Outlook 2007: Viewing all RSS feeds in a single folder like an RSS “inbox”

Buck Hodges

Since I’ve started using Outlook 2007 to manage my RSS feeds, I’ve wanted to have all of the posts show up in a folder, much like new mail shows in up the inbox.  I don’t like have to scroll through the list of folders and visit each one containing an unread post.  It’s just too tedious unless you have only a couple of feeds that you read.  So, I finally set up an Outlook Search Folder to give me the folder view I’ve wanted.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Right click on Search Folders, and choose New Search Folder.
  2. Choose Create a custom Search Folder and click the Choose button
  3. Give it a name and then click the Criteria button
  4. Click on the Advanced tab
  5. Click the Field drop down button, select Frequently-used fields, and click on RSS Feed
  6. Set the Condition to be “is not empty” and click the Add to List button
  7. Click the Field drop down button, select All Mail fields, and click on In Folder
  8. Set the Condition to be “doesn’t contain,” enter “deleted” as the Value (without the quotation marks), and click the Add to List button
  9. Hit OK on all of the dialogs
  10. Sort the new search folder by Received, or however you like to see your items sorted
  11. Drag your new search folder up to the Favorite Folders list to make it convenient


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  • Eole Net 0

    14 years later… I just used that nice trick to sort my RSS feeds.

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