Improving the performance of the work item tracking client with TFS 2008 SP1

Buck Hodges

Martin Woodward has written a great post that describes a feature that was added in TFS 2008 SP1 to reduce the amount of work item tracking metadata cached by the client.  Depending on the number of team projects on your server and the number of fields and rules used by all work item types, this could result in a nice performance gain, particularly for remote users.

Filtering WIT Client Meta-data

In TFS 2008 SP1, a new feature was quietly introduced, WIT Client Metadata Filtering.  This feature could boost the performance of your Team Foundation Server experience, reduce the amount of traffic flowing over your network and reduce the data porosity of your TFS instance. Yet it is not enabled by default. In this post I’m going to explain the feature, what it does and how and when to enable it.



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