How to delete a team project in the Dec. CTP

Buck Hodges

Someone in the newsgroup asked how to delete a team project.  I asked James and he mentioned DeleteTeamProject.exe.

From a Visual Studio command prompt, you can use the following command line app to delete a project.  To get the command prompt, go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Beta -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual Studio Command Prompt.
Note that the /domain option is just the name of your Team Foundation server that you see in Team Explorer and is only necessary if you set up more than one Team Foundation server.
   DeleteTeamProject MyProject
DeleteTeamProject [/q] [/domain:<domainName>] <project name>
    [/q]  – Quiet mode.  Do not prompt the user for confirmation.
    [/domain:<domainName>] The name of the domain.  Necessary in multi-domain environments.
    <project name> The name of the project.  Use quotation marks if there are spaces in the name.
Deletes the Portfolio Project from Team System.  After deletion, the project may not be recovered.  Use with caution.  Required permission: DELETE on the project.


DeleteTeamProject is not in the path for the command prompt.  The app is in <your drive>:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8Common7IDEPrivateAssemblies.


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