Changes to the work item type schema reference docs

Buck Hodges

The folks who produce our documentation continue to experiment and find ways to improve our documentation.  The most recent change involves consolidating docs.  I’d encourage you to take a look and give them feedback.

Significant Changes Made to Streamline the Content for Work Item Type Schema Reference

A move has been afoot to eliminate topics that no one is reading anyway. By consolidating content into a smaller topic set, we believe that you will more easily access the information that supports you in accomplishing your tasks. In the area of defining and customizing the definitions of work item types, this initiative has represented a significant rework to the content that was previously published under the Work Item Type Schema Reference topic node.

We have made the following changes to this content area:

  • Consolidated content so that you can access the syntax structure and attribute definitions of all elements that support  specific functional tasks – such as the definition of fields, workflow, and work item forms.
  • Kept and updated specific XML element reference topics that warrant keeping, such as the FIELD (Definition) and Control elements.
  • Renamed and enhanced topics to include attribute definitions and examples.
  • Eliminated all remaining reference topics whose content had been consolidated, this included many of the element definition and all of the schema definition topics.



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