Building Ant projects with Team Foundation Build

Buck Hodges

Martin Woodward has written a post on using Ant within Team Build 2008 and 2005.  He includes an initial release of the binaries and documentation.  This is great for the folks using Java with TFS!

Building Ant projects from Team Build

With the recent release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server we are seeing more and more people looking to use the build capabilities of TFS (often referred to as “Team Build”) to manage their Java based builds as well as their .NET ones.  We have an MSBuild task available internally that we use to trigger Ant based builds and report the progress back into TFS, and I wanted to share this with a wider audience to get some feeedback.  This task is heavily influenced by Aaron Hallberg’s Team Build DevEnv task which I encourage you to go look at if you are interested in getting other build systems integration with Team Build.

You can download an early version of the Ant task from here ( 1MB).  There are two versions of the task included in the zip file – one for TFS2005 and one for TFS2008.  Additionally there is a draft set of instructions included on how to get this working today.  We hope to make the process much easier with future releases of Teamprise.



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