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Brian’s post What’s in a Code Name? provides some explanation behind the Orcas and Rosario code names.  You won’t hear the word “Rosario” normally, and here’s a bit on why.

What’s in a Code Name?

Mary Jo Foley is writing about one Microsoft code name per day on her blog.  I think it’s pretty cool and there’s a few code names I’ve never even heard of before.  She has written about a couple of Developer Division code names so I thought I’d add my own colorful commentary.

So we get to Rosario.  Rosario is a resort on Orcas island.  It is a code name that the VSTS team has been using to describe our next version (after Orcas).  Actually when you see me talk in many forums about “the release after Orcas” what I really mean is Rosario but I don’t use that term publicly – a bit more on that in a minute.  We created the Rosario code name to describe some work that we (VSTS) really want to get done and doesn’t fit in the Orcas release.  In a sense Rosario is a place holder code name.  As Orcas unfolds and the rest of the division turns their attention to what is next for them too, we may see changes in what we currently believe our Rosario plan is.  For now we’ll plow ahead with what we think we are doing 🙂

Lastly and specifically, one of the reasons you don’t hear us (and I think still won’t) using the Rosario code name much is we don’t want to take the focus off of Orcas.  Orcas isn’t even in Beta yet.  It’s a great release with tons of cool stuff.  Yes, we’re doing even more cool stuff after Orcas and once Orcas gets a little closer we’ll probably start to talk more openly about it.  But until then, we’d like to keep your focus and feedback on Orcas so we can make that the best release possible.

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