Bing desktop–set your background to the Bing image of the day

Buck Hodges

Okay, so this has nothing to do with ALM, but I really like the Bing desktop app for one feature: It sets the desktop background to the Bing image of the day. I used to run this app on Win7 and had missed it since moving to Win8 (I love Win8 and have it running on all my machines). Before the recent update, installing it on Win8 would result in a message telling you to upgrade to Win7. That’s a good reminder to be careful about what you do with version checks in your code.

After downloading it, I drag it to the top of the screen and change the option to have it only show when I click on it (first option under settings) so that it doesn’t drop down when my mouse moves across the top of the screen.


Of course my favorite use of the app itself is to find out more about the image by hovering over the “i" button (clicking on it will let you pick a different Bing image). Yes, I do use Bing as my default search engine these days, so I could find this info in the browser as well, but it’s more convenient.




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