Azure SDK 1.8 now available for build in Team Foundation Service

Buck Hodges

Brian wrote a post today about the version control web experience changes that were in today’s update. Today’s update also included Azure SDK 1.8 on the build VMs. I’ve seen quite a few folks asking for it, of course.

One of the questions we get often is why we don’t have X in the build VMs. Some of Brian’s post today touches on that, mostly in the form of the explanation for our lack of support for building Win8 apps. The other issue we have is keeping up with the new releases of SDKs of all sorts. For a few, like the Windows Phone 8 SDK, we’ll time updates of the build VMs to match the announcement. For most, like the Azure SDK, we will have to align it with a sprint deployment. I very much hope that at some point these SDKs are packaged in NuGet so that they can easily be pulled during the build based on whatever version your app requires. Until then, we are responsible for the installation of SDKs in the VM image.

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