Working on TFS SDK improvements

Brian Harry

We are working on improving the TFS SDK to make it easier for people who want to write extensions.  There are many areas for improvement so it’s hard to pick a place to start.  We chose, for the first project, a sample VS add-in that demonstrates a pretty wide array of ways in which you can integrate with TFS, inside VS.  It includes the sample VS add-in infrastructure, examples of invoking the TFS API, querying selection and receiving events.

This sample is focused on version control and we are working on another one more targeted at work item tracking.  It is not intended to be a useful tool in and of itself, but rather a demonstration of how to access each of these extensibility points.  I’ve included a screen shot below that shows that it’s just a dialog with a bunch of buttons that allows you to exercise the various extensibility points.  Accompanying the sample is a pretty thorough document outlining how to use it and what it is doing. 


We are still finalizing the sample but I’m interested in getting early feedback on it.  I’ve attached a zip file with the sample in it to this blog post.  If you have the inclination, try it out and let us know if it is something that is useful to you or if there is something you’d really like us to add or change.  I’m expecting we will publish an official “final” version in the next few weeks.




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