VS Online Update – April 27th

Brian Harry

This week we are rolling out our Sprint 81 work.  3 instances have been updated so far and the remaining 3 will update over the next couple of days – so, as usual, you may not see the changes immediately. This update comes close on the heels of the last one.  We just finished the sprint 80 update only a week ago.  It was delayed because of the huge changes to support team project rename.  Starting with this sprint, we should be back on a normal schedule. There are some VERY nice changes in this deployment.  You can read the release notes. Our #1 support request right now is people who delete their account (intentionally or accidentally) and then wish to undelete it.  Until now you’d have to call support and have them undelete it for you.  We now have a self-serve experience.  Deleted accounts will be kept around for 90 days, after which there will be no way to get the data back. There’s also a bunch of Agile planning improvements.  I won’t repeat everything in the release notes, but a couple of comments.  I spent about 30 minutes this morning playing around with adding custom fields to cards.  It’s a really nice addition.  At the same time, I found a lot of fit & finish/completeness of experience issues – some were known and planned for the next couple of sprints (like inline editing in the cards), others were not, like Area path only showing the leaf nodes or the field picker showing a bunch of “internal” fields that no one should be messing with.  I think, in another sprint, we’ll get some of those rough edges filed off but it’s a big enabler. I also really like the card filtering experience.  Much easier to find cards on the board now.  I want Outlook like syntax “priority:1” for filtering and we just have full text filtering but it’s a great start and darned useful. Coding for Sprint 82 finishes up in a week and we’ve got a bunch more Agile planning improvements coming there too.  The experience is making pretty impressive progress every sprint. As always, your feedback is welcome and I hope you like what you see.  Stay tuned for more…



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