Visual Studio Online Update – Oct 14th

Brian Harry

Today we began releasing our Sprint 72 build on VS Online.  You can read the release notes on the site.  As usual, it will take a couple of days for the changes to propagate across all accounts. This sprint was a pretty light sprint.  We released the “Test artifacts as work items” changes, previously made available in TFS 2013.3, that enable customization (eventually), auditing, permissioning, querying, etc.  We also introduced a small new feature to enabling copying formatted query results to the clipboard. The truth is we spent much of this sprint making progress on some of the fundamentals underlying the live site incidents we had a couple of months ago.  We’ve been introducing a new lock manager, implementing a circuit breaker pattern, etc.  We’ve got enough code to go through that it’s a non-trivial undertaking.  I think we’re going to have some exciting stuff to talk about in the next month or so though.  Stay tuned… Thanks,



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