Update on Bug fixes in TFS SP1

Brian Harry

A couple of months ago I blogged the list of bug fixes & enhancements in TFS SP1.  Since then, we added a few more.  Here are the additional ones.  Some of them are just about fixing bugs with the patch itself.  I filtered those out of the initial list since they didn’t seem that interesting.  However, since this is the final release and you had access to the Beta, I went ahead and included them this time. This is all of the additional bug fixes in TFS SP1 since the original list I posted:

Office integration

  • Excel 12: Accessing deleted list / table when the list is deleted by someone else 


  • Work items rev’ed on deleted nodes break Warehouse
  • [Tool Artifact Display Url] is populated with URLs using TFSNameUrl and not TFSUrlPublic 

Server Integration and Admin

  • TFS Authentication Filter matches on substrings but should require an exact match 


  • WebApp directories are incorrectly configured on ATDT single server setup after installing SP1 
  • TFS Server SP1 Patches don’t updated patch files properly when re-installing after uninstall 

Source Code Control

  • TFS SP1 Beta – when different collation between system and TFS databases – Get Latest Version doesn’t work 
  • “Attempted to read or write protected memory” error when refreshing SCE 
  • PendMerge has a perf regression in UPDATE tbl_RevertTo 
  • Unshelve: SQL PK violation when running prc_PrepareUnshelve 
  • TFS SP1 RC1 Patch causes Version Control to fail 

Work Item Tracking

  • Search on History field based on partial text does not return the expected work items. 
  • Running a query using the ‘contains’ operator on the description field results in a “cannot connect to TFS” error dialog 
  • “The given key was not present in the dictionary” returned when viewing a work item via WorkItem.aspx 



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