TFS "Build Recipes" site launched

Brian Harry

One of the most common areas for questions around TFS is using the TFS automated build system.  How do I build .NET 1.1 apps with TFS 2005/TFS 2008?  How do I build VS 2005 solutions with TFS 2008?  How do I customize the build number Team Build generates?  How do I build C++ projects with Team Build?  How do I build Java projects with Team Build?  And on and on… To help fill this gap, one of our MVPs, Grant Holliday, has launched a new collaborative site to collect people’s questions, answers and general guidance around using TFS’s automated build system.  I expect it’s going to be a popular site and will fill with a lot of great content.  He’d primed it with a few things to start with.  I encourage you to check it and visit it periodically to see how it is growing.  You can read more about it on Grant’s blog here…



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