A new spec on conflict resolution is available

Brian Harry


We’ve gotten feedback that branching, merging and conflict resolution are too complicted today.  We are making a series of improvements in our next version of TFS to address these issues.  The new history spec we released a couple of months ago demonstrated one piece of our plan – allowing you to easily track a change across branches back to the original checkin that introduced it.  Today, we released a new resolve spec that covers improvements to conflict resoluton.

Our resove design is intended to address the following issues:

  1. The resolve dialog is modal and hinders my ability to effectively perform any research necessary to resolve the conflict
  2. To resolve some conflicts like a rename I end up clicking four different modal screens before the conflict is resolved and once again I cannot effectively perform any research throughout that flow
  3. The resolve screen does not show enough information about why the conflict was filed (i.e.. series of events that led to it) which requires me to do, at times, extensive research in order to select the appropriate resolution
  4. The resolution options are not the same between the UI and the command line and in addition it is hard to know what the end result will be by choosing the option
  5. There is no UI that will allow me to resolve a conflict where two items are trying to occupy the same path/name *

Here’s a screen shot of the new modeless conflict resolution channel in the Pending Changes tool window.

See the spec referenced above for more details and don’t forget to provide any feedback at: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDNWorkShop/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=1981&SiteID=64




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