TFS 2018 RC2 is available

Brian Harry

Today we shipped the second release candidate for Team Foundation Server 2018.  If all goes well, this should be the final release candidate.  We’ll make sure that all the issues you report are addressed and we’ll ship the final version in a couple of months.  From the release notes, you can see TFS 2018 has tons of new features.  RC2 adds to that list with a bunch more improvements.  At this point TFS 2018 is feature complete.  We have a few dozen bugs that we know about and we are still working on.  Add that to what you all find and that represents the work we have left to do to finish up.

TFS 2018 RC2, of course, has a “go-live” license.  You can upgrade from previous versions to RC2 and you will be able to upgrade from RC2 to the final release. Important links

Important information on compatibility and support is here.

As I mentioned, there are a bunch of new features in RC2 that were not in RC1.  Some of the notable ones, at least to me, include:

GVFS support – RC2 contains the server side support that allows you to use our GVFS client extensions.  Together, the client and server enable you to use Git repos of virtually any size hosted in TFS or VSTS efficiently.  We’re working on a plan to provide client binaries so you don’t have to build them yourself.

Creating a Git or TFVC folder in the web – I know it seems like such a small thing, but it was one of the most popular extensions in our marketplace.  We decided to roll it into the product so people don’t have to keep going and getting the extension every time they create a new account.

Improved test parallelism – Our parallelizing of tests now considers previous run times to better optimize the distribution.  Instead of just counting tests for parallelization, now it counts execution time – yielding shorter critical paths and faster test runs.

That’s, of course, just a few of the improvements.  Please try it out and give us any feedback you have.

Thank you, Brian


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