TFS 2017 Update 2 RC1 is now available

Brian Harry

Yesterday, we released the first release candidate for TFS 2017 Update 2 (TFS 2017.2).  This is a “go-live” release and is ready to be used in production environments.  We’ve already installed it on 2 of our ~50 production TFS servers and it’s looking solid.

If you look at the release notes, you’ll see that Update 2 has a *TON* of new stuff in it – improving almost every aspect of the product.  As with all our Updates, it should be a seamless upgrade – no breaking changes, no changed pre-reqs, just a better product.

We’ll be shipping an RC2 within a month or so.  Please get us any feedback you have as quickly as you can so we can incorporate it.  The final Update 2 release should be sometime in July if everything goes well.

Please use our developer community site to report problems or our UserVoice site to make suggestions.

Thank you, Brian