Team Services update – May 9

Brian Harry

We are in the process of wrapping up the deployment of our sprint 99 deliverables.  You can read the Team Services release notes here. There’s a ton of new stuff in this sprint update but I’ll just comment on a few.  Let’s start with one of the oldest surviving UserVoice items – a checkbox control.  As you can see it was originally created in 2011.  We’ve added the control but there’s still some work to do.  We’ve update the web UI to support it but the rich clients (like Team Explorer in Visual Studio) don’t yet support it.  That’s coming.  Aaron is going to be publishing a blog post on the ALM blog with details you need to know. Checkbox The dashboard config improvements you see are the first step in a significant update to the dashboard experience that will bring some nice capabilities – drag and drop widgets onto the dashboard, drag resize of widgets, etc. There’s lots of release management improvements.  TFVC and Git artifact sources are nice, making it even easy to deploy projects that don’t need a build (like Node.js).  Scheduled releases are cool, etc. The other day, and I don’t remember exactly why, I took a few minutes to scroll through our features timeline from beginning to end.  It’s long but something really struck me.  When we first started our “cloud cadence” journey with our cloud solution, we delivered 1- 3 items per sprint.  Each year afterwards, the number got larger and larger.  Just for kicks I did a little math to confirm the anecdotal observation.  Below is a table that shows the average number of release note items in a month, year over year.  The growth rate is pretty phenomenal and (except for 2014 – which I call our “lost year”), is almost exponential.

Year Average # of items per month
2012 2.8
2013 4.6
2014 5.4
2015 9.3
2016 18.0

Why do I call 2014, our “lost year”?  Buy me a beer sometime (OK, a water – I don’t drink much beer) and I’ll tell you 🙂 Brian


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