Team Services Update – May 11, 2017

Brian Harry

As you may know, this week is the //Build conference.  Along side that event, we are announcing a ton of VS Team Services enhancements, including rolling out our sprint 117 upgrade.  Some of the changes are available immediately (because they were previously deployed and only required a feature flag to be flipped) and others will roll out over the next week or so as the 117 deployment reaches all of our scale units across the world.

You can read all the details in our Team Services release notes.  The first thing you are likely to notice is WOW, that’s a lot of stuff.

I want to highlight a few things that I think are particularly important.

  1. We are striving to build the best deployment automation/release orchestration solution on the planet.  We are focusing broadly on all kinds of app, using any technology and running on any platform, but we are focusing particularly strongly on deployment to Azure.  In this update, you will find a long list of improvements that significantly expand the breadth of apps supported and the quality of experience.  The new agent based deployment support, for instance, is a game changer for deploying multi-VM, multi-platform applications.  Significant improvements in our Docker support are also a big deal.
  2. You may have seen the new Delivery Plans feature that provides cross team roll up of work progress and plans.  We had been a bit cagey on what the ultimate release vehicle for that would be.  I’m very happy to announce that we’ve decided to include that in every Team Services “Basic” license so it’s available to all Team Services subscribers.
  3. You’ll also find a very long list of enhancements to our Pull Request experience.  As adoption grows, we keep aggressively taking feedback and making it better and better.  Pretty soon, we’ll have just about everyone at Microsoft, for instance, using it as part of their daily workflow.
  4. You’ll notice a number of places in the release notes where we expand our support for Java, Linux and other non-traditionally Microsoft developers.  I particularly want to point out support for Maven packages.  This is a big step forward.  We now support Nuget, NPM and Maven package protocols, increasing the breadth of the Team Services package management solution.  You can read more about it in our Maven blog post.  We are continuing to invest in package management and will continue to grow the capabilities.

Read the release notes for all the details.

I hope you like all the new capabilities.  I look forward to hearing any feedback you have.



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