Team Services in India

Brian Harry

Today, we opened up an instance of Visual Studio Team Services in India (Chennai).  This builds on the instances we already have in the US, Europe and Australia and is the next step in our journey to making instances available all over the world. You can create an account in India by just choosing the India region during the Team Services account creation process.  If you have an existing account that you want to move to the India region, you can contact support to have them do that for you. There are some things to think about when creating an account in the India region: 1) India is a relatively new region in Azure and not all purchase options are available.  Here’s a note from the Azure web page on regions. “The India regions are available to volume licensing customers and partners with a local enrollment in India. The India regions will open to direct online Azure subscriptions in 2016.” 2) India has some tax restrictions which make it so that to purchase anything in the India region (now or in the future, or at least until the tax code is changed), you have to have a business presence in India.  This is similar to the Australia region where you have to have a business presence in Australia or New Zealand to purchase anything in the region. 3) If your account is a free account and doesn’t incur any charges, there are no issues.  Anyone can create an account in India. The next instance we are working on will be in Brazil, at which point, we’ll have local instances on every continent except Africa and Antarctica.  We’ll continue to add more to make sure we have options available in geographies that our customers need. Thank you, Brian


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