Team Foundation Service Updates 9/17

Brian Harry

Yesterday we published a new update for the Team Foundation Service.  You can read more about what’s in it here: A couple of notes… You’ll notice that the release notes, this week, were written by Aaron Bjork rather than me.  Aaron is the GPM responsible for most of our work item tracking, Agile project management, etc features.  I’m trying to spread out some of the release notes work between Aaron, Jamie Cool and me.  I’ll introduce you to Jamie sometime in the next couple of months when he writes his first release notes. Yesterday’s upgrade was a bit more painful than usual.  While the service interruption has not been too bad, the team has been pretty busy working through the issues and the rollout has been delayed.  It took most of the day yesterday to get the base infrastructure updated and we’re not expecting all accounts to be fully upgraded until about 9am PDT today.  This deployment contained a pretty major refactoring of some of our lower level plumbing to get ready for some new services that are being developed and will be available over the next year.  Anytime you change the plumbing you have to spend some time fixing the leaks.  None-the-less, I think there are some good learnings here and in the next few days we’ll have a retrospective and adjust to do better in the future. Thanks,



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