Team Foundation Server on Azure IaaS

Brian Harry

I’ve been getting a few questions lately about whether or not we support TFS on Azure IaaS.  The truth is that a number of us have set up and used it on IaaS but we have never really formally tested it.  My biggest question was performance.  We’ve just finished running some performance tests.  Here’s the results we got:

TFS config Model CPU Memory Disk Active TPC
Dual server AT: Medium Azure VM AT: 2P  AT: 3.5GB AT:  30
DT: Large Azure VM DT: 4P DT: 7GB 1xVHD: OS
      1xVHD: VC Proxy files
      1xVHDs: TempDB files
      1xVHD: Data files
      1xVHD: Log files
      1xVHD: OS

In this configuration, we were able to achieve results supporting a team of 500 – 1,000 users.  This is roughly consistent with the hardware sizing guidelines we give for dedicated hardware.  Our results indicate that TFS on Azure IaaS will cap out ~1,500 users due to exhaustion of I/O bandwidth for the log and temp db. Of course, Azure IaaS hasn’t RTMed yet so we can’t officially support it until it does but once it RTMs, this should provide some indication that it performs/scales pretty well.



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