David Warren – the inventor of the Black Box

Brian Harry


I try not to use my blog for too many personal things but I couldn’t resist.  A good friend of mine, who also happens to be one of our Visual Studio ALM MVPs, sent me an email.  He told me about a project his daughter has undertaken to have the world commemorate the life and work of David Warren – the inventor of the flight data recorder, or Black Box.  I just finished watching her YouTube video and am amazingly impressed with the work of such a young woman.  I added my name to the petition.
Regardless of whether you support her campaign, I encourage you to watch her video.  She has a bright future in journalism if that’s the way her life takes her.
You can watch her YouTube video here: https://bitly.com/Black-Box-Video, which also has a link to her petition.
And you can check out her blog here: 
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