Team Foundation Server 2015 Final Release

Brian Harry

Today we released the final version of Team Foundation Server 2015.  TFS 2015 is a major step forward, with tons of improvements throughout the development process but with special emphasis on DevOps capabilities.

Here are all of the TFS 2015 related downloads.  Look under Visual Studio 2015 for things like Test Professional, under Team Foundation Server 2015 for TFS, Project Server, etc. and under Tools for Visual Studio 2015 for Release Management, Test Agents, etc.

You can, of course, get TFS 2015 through your MSDN subscriber downloads and other places you normally acquire Microsoft software.

I want to call out just a few of the highlights in TFS 2015.

Agile Project Management – We’ve made so many improvements to our Agile Project Management capabilities that they are hard to count.  So many of them came out incrementally on VS Online, but when I look at the rolled up list for TFS 2015, I’m blown away.  Improvements include – Hierarchical backlog management, customizable cards, swim lanes, definition of done, split columns, inline edit, search and filter and many, many more.

Image IC801835

See more on our Agile Tooling on Channel9.


Build.vnext – TFS 2015 brings a major overhaul to the TFS build system that not only addresses numerous points of customer feedback – like a web UI, change auditing, better agent pool management, high availability, etc. but also unlocks whole new worlds by creating a dramatically simpler extensibility model, providing tasks for building almost anything you want – Java, Android, IOS, Node.js and more, and a cross platform agent that enables you to build on any platform you choose.

Image 8836 image thumb 729C4BF4


Continuous Delivery – Building on the new Build pipeline, extensibility model and cross platform agents, we’ve enabled continuous delivery like never before.  You can choose from a wide variety of tasks that will provision Azure infrastructure for your application, deploy the app, run high volume test automation with a new distributed test execution capability, run load tests, run functional tests on 3rd party device clouds, and more.  All of this enables you to create a completely automated build-deploy-test-monitor continuous delivery pipeline for friction free flow of code into production.

Image 1348 image thumb 62434C17



Team Project Rename – And who can forget the #1 UserVoice item for almost 10 years?  We’ve finally delivered Team Project Rename in TFS 2015.  Rename your Team Projects at will.

Image 1016 image thumb3 0FA517D3




Git Improvements – We’ve also made numerous improvements to our Git tooling – continuing to improve the Pull Request experience, adding support for branch policies that enable you to control the quality of what gets merged into important branches, improved ways of visualizing history, and more.

Image IC799234

Image IC799231

See more on our Git tooling improvements on Channel9.


Extensibility – TFS 2015 brings to TFS the great extensibility capabilities we’ve introduced in VS Online over the past year.  Now you can integrate Team Foundation Server with hundreds of your favorite tools with REST, Service Hooks and OAuth.  Learn more about what’s available and how to get them.

Image 8507 image thumb 3B6EDCE3


Pricing and Licensing – In addition to all the great new capabilities in TFS 2015, we’ve continued to simplify licensing and reduce prices to make it even easier to get in the hands of everyone who needs to participate in your development efforts.  Read more details on another recent blog post.


As I mentioned, this is just a scratch on the surface of some of the highlights of changes in TFS 2015.  There’s so much more.  I think it’s a great release and I hope you do too.



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