Team Explorer Everywhere 2013.2 (Update 2)

Brian Harry

Today, we released Update 2 of Team Explorer Everywhere.  You can read details on Will’s blog post. I’ve been amazed lately how many people don’t know about Team Explorer Everywhere.  We’ve had it for a couple of years now.  It’s a really nice solution for Java/Eclipse users to use Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online.  It includes an Eclipse plugin and a command line both of which run on Windows, Mac or Linux.  I know quite a few customers who use it and like it but it continues to surprise me that, more often than not, when I mention using TFS on a Mac or Linux, people say “Huh, you can do that?”. Now, I think there’s a but of “it’s our own fault” going on here.  I’ve recently been giving people here a bunch of grief because you have to work pretty hard to find anything about it on  I hope that will be fixed soon.  There is some content on getting started for Mac/Linux/Eclipse users but that’s about it – and it’s pretty shallow content. Also, on another thread we had a conversation (again) about long paths.  We added support for long paths to the server a while back but, I found out recently, that we did not add support to our cross platform clients.  There’s a whole set of issues with supporting it on Windows that I won’t try to rehash here yet again, but there’s no reason we can’t support it in our non-Windows clients.  The team has taken up that work and I’m hopeful/expecting that we can deliver it in TEE 2013.3. Stay tuned



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