Second TFS 2010 Beta 2 Patch is Available

Brian Harry

The second of our TFS 2010 Beta 2 test patches is now available.  The first one patched install/configuration logic.  This one fixes a number of product functionality issues and can be applied anytime after the MSI install phase, including after the server has been fully configured.  The fixes include:

  • Intermittent race condition that prevents Work Item Tracking data from making it to the Warehouse
  • Issue where the iteration backlog for agile project management workbooks is based on the root iteration and not on the individual iterations
  • Issue when, in the Regional Options, the Decimal Symbol is defined to something other than “.” (For example ”,”.)
  • Unable to save multiple work-items in excel or project when connected to TFS 2010 server from a 2008 client.

You can download the patch here: MSConnect: or here: Code Gallery: There are some manual steps associated with the process template part of this patch.  You can read more about it on Aaron’s blog post here:  We don’t really have process template patching smooth and won’t for this release, partially due to customizability of them.  Fortunately, we’ve never had to patch them much and hopefully we won’t have to in 2010 either. Feedback welcome!



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