“Real World” Apps

Brian Harry


Someone asked me the other day what we were using as our “Real World” apps so they could compare them to their own apps to understand how the testing we are doing will apply.  Here’s a high level overview that characterizes several of them.  There are others that I haven’t listed but this should give you a decent flavor.  Many of these came from actual external customers and the names have been changed to protect the innocent 🙂

AppTypeProjectsSource files
AGVB WinForms120942
SWMixed (incl C++)1672655
PC# WinForms291393
UMC# Web Project12439
CBVB Web Project372297
TZC# Website111021
PJDC#, XAML, Silverlight81200

I’m not trying to tell you that no one has any apps bigger than this but we believe these represent a pretty good picture of a range of largish real world apps across a variety of technologies.


Brian Harry
Brian Harry

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