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Brian Harry

About a week ago the Blend team upgraded to our SLCTP1 build (Super-Limited Community Technology Preview).  We’re starting to get some anecdotal feedback from them and we’re planning to do another survey this coming week that will include everyone who tried SLCTP1 (a couple of internal teams and over 50 external customers).  Before I share the new feedback with you, let me share some Beta 2 feedback.  I have to say it is painful to read, even now – after I’ve read through it numerous times over the past couple of months.  The thing I always have to keep reminding myself is “it was a Beta, it’s not supposed to be ship ready – it’s supposed to be a good vehicle for feedback”.   Here’s one of the verbatims from the Blend team after they adopted Beta 2: “If VS shipped today, I would not use, install, or buy the product, based on the performance.  If I had any choice I would not use it at work either (Blend requires .NET 4).  It is virtually unusable, and I am extremely unsatisfied with the performance.  This product is a huge impediment to my productivity.  VS2008 worked fine, using VS2010 is a struggle every day.” Please join me in a collective “OUCH!”  Let me also say that there are plenty of people who are very successful with Beta 2, but clearly the Blend team was not 🙁 Now to give you some contrast, here’s some quotes I got from the Blend team in email yesterday (based on their adoption of SLCTP1)…

1. Solution load time was incredibly slow

2. Once solution was loaded, trying to actually edit a .cs file was very slow with lots of hourglasses, not responding, etc.

I am incredibly happy to report that he just gave me a build with a fix for number 1.  He found that hint paths were being resolved unnecessarily and repetitively when loading our solution.  We tested his fix and the results are astonishingly fast! 🙂

Open Blend test solution on a fairly old machine with fixed build  (FAST!)


Open Blend test solution on slightly faster machine with our old VS build  (VERY SLOW)

I must say I am very impressed with their responsiveness and the impact that these fixes will have for us, let alone all of our external customers!

And this one…


I just tried it and it is amazing.  Virtually no wait time.

Once the solution is loaded, I open a .cs doc and being editing immediately. I also tried editing in a document that was already opened upon load. It too was immediate.


We are feeling spoiled over here today.

Not done yet but the progress is really good.  We’ll keep whacking away at it.  SLCTP2 is going to be available this coming week.  This one will still only be available under NDA but if you’ve had performance problems with Beta 2 and you’d like to get a change to see how it’s progressing, let me know and we’ll sign you up.  We’re looking at a plan for a more broadly available (non-NDA) build – stay tuned for more info.



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