Progress on devBiz Components

Brian Harry

Thank you for your patience as we work through the feedback we’ve gotten after announcing the devBiz acquisition.  The last open issue is feedback from customers of the devBiz components (devMail, etc.) that need a way forward for their use of the components now that they aren’t being sold any longer. As I’ve said before, the future of these components at Microsoft is undecided at this point.  We may incorporate them into other products.  However, the process of figuring that out and then ultimately releasing them again (should we choose to do that) is going to take a while.  In the mean time, we want to make sure all customers feel like they are able to continue with their business. At this point, it looks like the solution will be to provide a source code license to existing devBiz component customers.  We are working on a license agreement now.  I’m not ready to commit that this is what we are going to do yet (because you never know for sure until it’s done) but I’m optimistic we will be able to make this happen.  I’m also working with the devBiz developers who worked on the components to be available on forums to answer questions about the component source code for a limited period of time – I know what it’s like to inherit a big chunk of source with noone to ask questions of.  The questions will have to be limited to straight forward questions about how things were designed to work – but I think we can provide a lot of value there to people who need to carry this forward. Once I have the licensing and forums issues finalized I’ll post again.  I just wanted to give you an update and assure you that we have not forgotten about this important issue. Thank you,



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