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Brian Harry

Today is our annual Fall developer Connect(); event in New York.  I’m here talking about a ton of new stuff that we’re doing to help developers adopt agile DevOps practices.  Normally I would write a detailed post with screenshots and descriptions highlighting the news.  However, this time, I’m going to take a different approach.  There’s so much stuff to talk about that I can’t write that post – I’d spend days on it and you wouldn’t want to read it 🙂  Instead, I’m going to write a directory of news.

Over the next day or two, as blog posts get written on the details from people across our team, I’ll update it with links.  In the meantime, there are some good places to look for details:

Here’s a brain dump of all of the significant things we’re releasing or announcing today (scoped by TFS/VS Team Services and our DevOps solutions).  I’m sure I’ve missed a few things:


Visual Studio Online is now Visual Studio Team Services

  • Try to be clear that it is not a browser based IDE.

Keyboard shortcuts across the VS Team Services experience

  • A new portal for managing your developer benefits

  • A new marketplace for find Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Code extension
  • And, of course, a ton of exciting new extensions

Visual Studio Cloud Subscriptions

  • In addition to all the ways to buy Visual Studio today, you can now get monthly or annual subscriptions

Transformed Team Services Advanced license to a Test Manager Extension



  • Share information with your team and your stakeholders
  • Create as many dashboards as you like
  • Choose from a large and extensible set of widgets

Process customization

  • The ability to easily add fields to a work item type

Inline tasks on Kanban cards

TFS Time tracker extension


Code search public preview

  • Search all Git and TFVC repos across your account
  • Parse C#, C and C++ to allow semantic searching

Git & TFVC in the same Team Project

IntelliJ plugin

Package management

  • Create NuGet feeds in your Team Services account to manage open source or private packages
  • Build tasks to restore, package and publish NuGet packages


New exploratory testing experience

  • Take screen shots and annotate them
  • Browser extension can be used to test web apps or device apps rendered in a browser
  • File bugs
  • Run on any platform

Support for JMeter load tests

New support for Jacoco and Cobertura for Java code coverage analysis

Parallel test execution

Extensions for PerfectoMobile, SauceLabs, Xamarin Test Cloud and Soasta


Test integration in build reports

  • A new Test hub in build reports integrates test results and analysis into your build results

Subversion support in Team Services Builds

Hosted Mac builds with Mac In Cloud

RM public preview

  • Web based interface
  • Unified agent and task architecture with build enabling great flexibility
  • Full xplat / extensible … docker, shell scripts, tomcat… import artifacts from other sources like Jenkins
  • Fewer concepts, easy to get started

HockeyApp integration with Team Services

  • Publish to the HockeyApp beta catalog from your CD pipeline
  • Report feedback and crash reports to Team Services

A new free plan for HockeyApp for people getting started developing device apps

CloudBees extension

App Insights

VS integrated log search

Diagnostics hub integration for “F5” telemetry

Preview of new anomaly detection service

  • Automatically analyze telemetry and apply machine learning to identify aberrant behavior


  • Add key operational events – like application updates to your graphs to identify inflection points

PowerBI support

  • Load telemetry into PowerBI for custom reporting

Azure diagnostics integration


As I said, it’s a lot of stuff.  Stay tuned for more detail.



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