Merging conflicts in the browser

Brian Harry

One of the cool things about having VSTS used across all of Microsoft is that when there’s some useful missing feature, one of the many teams using it might fill the gap and we get to harvest it and make it available to all VSTS customers.  Exactly that has just happened.

I’ve written several times about GVFS and the adoption of Git by our Windows team (Actually WDG – Windows and Devices Group).  It’s a big organization managing a lot of teams, branches and releases at the same time.  Because of this they have a lot of code flowing around and need to merging the various streams of development.  To help with this, they built a VSTS extension that enables you to do merge conflict resolution directly in the browser, as part of the Pull Request UI, validate it with the PR build and tests and commit it without having to get and enlistment and do everything locally.  Although it was designed and tested for extremely large code bases, it works for *any* Git repo on VSTS regardless of size and regardless off whether or not you use GVFS.  It’s a really nice experience that’s been refined over the past several months of use internally.

I hope you like it.  Check it out: Pull Request merge conflict extension



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